Computerized Electro-Dermal Testing Changed My Life

Computerized electro-dermal testing!  Not science fiction and definitely not conventional medicine either.

Everything has a frequency right?  There is a reason physics is so important in foundational education if you wish to become a health care professional.  Biology, chemistry, physics.. these things are all related.  Nothing is random.  Particles vibrate, cells vibrate, we vibrate.. even food has a vibration!!  I am not going to get into that last part right now (even though it is cool AF).   I just wanted to get the point across that everything has a vibration, and this is the basis for computerized electro-dermal testing.

Computerized electro-dermal testing uses frequencies & acupuncture points to test for hard to detect ailments, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, parasite presence & so much more.  They use a non invasive probe to see how your body reacts to frequencies of things like common allergens & bacteria.

I was drawn to them after becoming increasingly fed up with the amount of food intolerance I have been developing.  Things that I would turn to for their health benefits were harming me.  Figuring out what to eat was seemingly impossible and I had no idea why.  The only thing that helped me was fasting – although fasting has tons of health benefits, it is obviously not a sustainable way of living lol.

After talking with a really amazing friend of mine, I got to experience the power of vulnerability.  Even though I pride myself in taking really great care of my health, I was obviously still facing issues.  I had 2 choices:

  1.  To pretend I had everything under control and keep living the way I was living – acne, psoriasis, low energy, heart burn & random bloating.  But my diet was super trendy so it was ok!
  2. To be vulnerable and seek help.

I chose the latter.  Ego is not your amigo!


I chose to do 4 computerized electro-dermal tests for $240 (this is an amazing deal considering the price of a blood allergy test being upwards of $250):

  •  Nutritional Deficiencies
  •  Food Allergy Test
  •  Candida Screen
  •  Hormonal Imbalance


Why I did it:  I am a huge fan of addressing issues at the root cause, and in terms of illness – it is the cell!  If your cells don’t have the proper micronutrients or co-factors, they are not able to functional optimally and could be causing harm to your body. If mitophagy or apoptosis do not happen, damaged cells will keep functioning at below optimal levels.  Free radicals will also build up, resulting in a lot of cellular damage which often results in symptom-like issues (acne, low energy, hair loss, brittle nails, etc..).

Results:  I had no issues here.  The doctor was surprised, and I was not.  I see my health as an investment.  When I found the world’s top rated cellular nutritional company, Usana, it was a no brainer for me to get on board.  I have been taking their products for 4 months and am planning on taking them for the rest of my life.


Why I did it:  This was the primary reason for my visit, I had been experiencing unwarranted reactions to foods that I used to love & eat all the time!  Coconuts being one of them – something I used to love baking with.

Results:  This is where things get interesting.  I had 180 food intolerances.  The list of foods I can’t eat is longer than the list of foods that I can eat!  I can’t eat any dairy, gluten, caffeine or alcohol.  A major trend I noticed is the fact that I do not tolerate sugary foods- even fruit (except blueberries and raspberries)!  The list of foods that I can tolerate is culturally similar to an Asian diet (ginger, garlic, fish, sesame, etc…).

What does this mean:  Just from looking at the foods I do not tolerate, he was able to tell that I had a candida over growth before we even did the screen.


Why I did it:  I had suspicions about having a candida over growth (low energy and food sensitivities are often caused by candida), but was really hoping this was not the case.

Results:  I tested positive for Candida Albicans, the most common human fungal pathogen known today [1].


I didn’t bother doing the hormonal imbalance test due to the fact that candida is a major hormonal disruptor.  I already know the root cause of why my hormones are not at the proper levels, so I saved some money and opted out of this test.


Health is your most valuable asset.  Being optimally healthy is something I have been striving for.  I was doing the keto diet, using meditation practice & working out 3-4 times/week.  But why was I still feeling the way I did?

This test opened my eyes to the root cause of a lot of issues for me.  Now that I know Candida is my issue, I can focus on recovery.  I was making “healthy” choices previously, but these “healthy” choices were harming me .. this is why it is a great idea to get a test done before you make any major lifestyle changes!  The CED didn’t cost me much & was so insightful.  I plan on doing another one to measure if the candida has gone down, and to see if food sensitivities subside after following the protocol that I am on.

Even if I did just the candida screen, there is so much information online as to what you should and shouldn’t have in your diet – some of it is over-lapping and very confusing.  I am sticking to the food sensitivity list that is custom to my body and particular strain of candida (there are multiple, but Albicans seems to be the most popular).


This is the beginning of a series I am planning on doing about my journey with Candida.  It is an extremely common condition, given the nature of most of our lifestyles and diets today, and western medicine often fails to address it.  Please share this post with anyone you know who is struggling with bloat, acne, psoriasis, heart burn, even the smallest digestive problems can be a sign of some bigger issues bubbling up.

My goal with these posts is to help people going through the same thing as me.  There is so much information out there and it can be hard to understand what to do/what not to do (for example, a lot of anti-candida recipes include chocolate, but I have learned eating chocolate will not get me the results I want because of mycotoxins).  It is so important for us to know the correct information so we can make positive progress in our health journey and help our bodies heal properly.

I am making it my mission to:

  1.  Raise awareness about Candida.
  2.  Help you better understand how to get your Candida under control.

Thank you for reading!


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