Candida Guide

Candida is a fungal overgrowth in the gut.  Many people have this issue, some are even born with it, like me!  Candida is allowed to be present in the small intestine, but in small colonies.  The problem arises when it starts growing out of control.  This can lead to things like leaky gut, food allergies, acne, eczema, psoriasis (google symptoms of candida).

“A Harvard University fellow in infectious disease, Julia Koehler, found that Candida is the predominant fungal infection behind human disease. According to Koehler, Candida was responsible for 60 percent of the fungal infections acquired in hospitals, killing one in three people with a bloodstream infection.”

How does candida get out of control?

Diet & medication.

  • Sugar
  • Refined Carbs
  • Alcohol
  • Anti-biotics
  • Birth control

I did all of these things.  This is how my candida got so bad that I had hormonal problems, leaky gut & cystic acne, among many other symptoms.

Doctors would try to prescribe me medication for my symptoms & nothing for the actual problem or a long term solution.

A computerized electrodermal test and was able to help me connect the dots of my symptoms to a bigger issue that is candida.

It was a shock, but I was ready for the lifestyle change.  I have been on this journey for 2 months now and this is what I have been following religiously:

The Candida Guide

Candida Guide Diet:

Cut out sugar completely.  Not even Agave or honey.  I use alcohol free stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol & & monk fruit for baking!

Only high quality meats.  Candida releases enough toxins in the body for a lifetime, so I avoid them from other sources at all costs.  Grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild salmon, & bison are all amazing choices.

No dairy.

No gluten.

No refined carbs.

No grains (only teff).

No carbonated beverages.

Candida Guide Supplements:

Candida basically causes a digestive shitstorm in your body.  Your intestines need some love before we can kill off the yeast, otherwise the dead candida will just end up chilling in your gut without excreting efficiently & causing more harm than good.

To help with toxin excretion:  Your liver needs help dealing with all of the toxins the candida has been releasing into your system.  This Liver support supplement will help tag the toxins for water excretion.

It is likely that your stomach’s ability to produce enough HCL to digest your food has been altered, I take 2  HCl after every meal & 1 after every snack.  Eventually your body will start to be able to produce its own HCL again, you will feel a slight burn after taking the HCL when this happens.

L-Glutamine Powder:  This helps your body rebuild muscle.  Your intestine is a muscle.  I like to mix mine with stevia and lemon juice 🙂

Fibre:  Keep things moving!  If food remains in the colon too long it becomes the perfect breeding ground for intestinal pathogens like Candida. Slow transit time can ultimately lead to inflammation, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and poor digestion.  I use a herbal fibre blend.

Probiotics:  Rebuild your healthy biome & crowd out the candida.

The Next Step

Once your digestion & excretion are working again, you can start to kill off the candida.  I have been working on my digestion for 2 months & am only now taking an anti-fungal.  A mistake I see many people make is over doing it on the anti-fungals in the beginning and ending up doing more harm than good.

I am taking Lauricin monolaurin

It is a short shain fatty acid derived from coconut oil & may be one of the most effective natural tools in the management of fungal overgrowth within the body.

The whole idea is to regain balance in my life.  I am not in this thinking “only 2 more months until I can eat sugar and drink alcohol again!” – this was a wake up call that the previous lifestyle I was living was not sustainable and I am so grateful for that because it means that once I am done healing I get to continue on my journey to achieving optimal health through nutrition & movement 🙂

So that is the essence of what I am doing right now for my candida – I hope it helps & I am happy to answer any questions 🙂